an exciting new travel web series showcasing the best afternoon tea Britain has to offer

About #WatchBBAT

We’re on the journey to find Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea. From the most bizarre to the most remote, from the most delicious to the down-right strange; there is pretty much nothing we won’t try.  And the culmination of our search presents itself in the form of a web series called Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea.

Created by Eco Film Productions, a Dorset-based film production company specialising in sustainable production, the entire BBAT series will be done sustainably. This means, that where we can walk, we will. Where we can recycle, we will. Where we can harvest instead of buy, we will. And all of our suppliers and crew will do the same.

Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea is a web-series co-produced with Baseroom Productions showcasing the best Afternoon Tea venues available in the United Kingdom. We’ll be showcasing the quirky and the unusual, the posh to the not, the vegan and the Asian-inspired, all with the view to celebrating the Cuppa.

Each episode that we produce will aim to introduce you to a new tea experience. Although quintessentially British experience, this may also include foreign tea ceremonies, diet-based afternoon tea options and more. We will be travelling the length and breadth of Great Britain while we interview guests, showcase local producers and suppliers, and introduce you to the true art of destination tea-drinking.

The brainchild of producer Rachel Brown and Directed by Baseroom’s Charlie Millen, Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea aims to be just the cuppa you’ve been waiting for.