an exciting new travel web series showcasing the best afternoon tea Britain has to offer

How to Watch

Gallivanting across Great Britain on a quest to discover Britain’s Best Afternoon tea is just the beginning of the adventure. How the programme is broadcast will be an interactive experience for the viewer. All episodes will be available online, here, soon after production.

There’s more.

We want this to be an interactive experience for you – and so, throughout production, we’ll be offering sneak peaks, behind the scene clips and interactive voting and commentary opportunities that will be featured in each episode. So, to give you, our viewer, the chance to be featured on our show, make sure you follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter too, and get involved.

Through social media you will be able to follow the tour and be able to visit each venue with us, virtually. You could have the chance to vote for the your favourite afternoon tea, and have the chance to suggest a new venue to be featured by the BBAT team.