an exciting new travel web series showcasing the best afternoon tea Britain has to offer

Who we are

Britains Best Afternoon Tea was devised by Rachel Brown from Eco Film Productions (EFP) based in Dorset.  EFP ‘s aim is to demonstrate how great quality productions can be made without having a lasting impact on the environment.

Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea will be scouring the British Isles in search of the quirkiest, the fanciest, the most remote or the most unusual Afternoon Tea – with this in mind, all episodes will be approached with careful planning, exceptional professionalism and above all commitment to the environment.





Baseroom Productions, founded by Charles Millen and Charlotte Sayers, are the perfect partners to work with EFP to make Britains Best Afternoon Tea (BBAT).  With creative flair, knowledge and passion they demonstrate meticulous production practices to ensure good relationships are forged with our contributors.

Baseroom are committed to working with a ‘Green’ approach to productions, making the collaboration between themselves and EFP the perfect match.