an exciting new travel web series showcasing the best afternoon tea Britain has to offer

Who’s EFP?

Eco Film Productions (otherwise known as EFP) is a Dorset-based production company that believes in doing things the right way.

Founded by film producer, Rachel Brown, EFP is a business making a difference. Working sustainably is more than just ticking a box and adhering to a checklist. It’s about truly committing your business to an environment that is not harmed, a future that is renewable and a legacy that lasts.  And that’s why we live what we preach.

Eco Film Productions was started with an aim to deliver film production, consulting and supplier management services to any organisations who are looking to produce more sustainably-aware, carbon-neutral film and video productions. We work with the best teams of people who share a common passion about the legacy that we leave behind, and the impact that we have on the world around us.

The Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea web series aims to scour the British countryside in search of the quirkiest, the fanciest, the most remote or the most unusual – and we aim to do all of this through a completely, 100%, sustainable approach. Those that we work with will be expected to live by the same mantra and we aim to be able to demonstrate that the creation of an exciting new production like Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea, can all be done through a minimal impact on our environment.

If you’d like to know more about Eco Film Productions, please visit our site.